Our Clients


Banking Services

Tin Pan Media was commissioned by Barclays to create a series of branded content videos to get more of their employees to sign up to internal training courses. Tin Pan devised a series of dramas, which were concise stories involving actors. The films were designed to emotionally engage the audience encouraging them to click through to find out more about the course being offered.

The sign up for these courses far out stripped all other courses on offer from Barclays at the time. Tin Pan media have also made numerous other training films for this high street bank.

Clyde & Co

Legal Services

Tin Pan Media have made over a 100 different films for this major international legal firm. We have made a films for almost every department within the law including Communications, Marketing, Business Development, Recruitment, Diversity and Inclusion. We have created films for their annual conferences and numerous social media videos to help promote the firm in the UK and internationally.

Turner Townsend

Management Consultancy

We have worked closely with the communications department of Turner and Townsend to develop their video communication strategy over the past two years. We have now made over 50 films for the company across a range of departments. More recently we have developed techniques of making high quality films remotely for the company using iPhones and professional small microphones. We have built a video library of footage which can used for a variety of different departments.


Crowdfunding/Start up

Tin Pan Media co-scripted and produced a video for this large food company as they began marketing a new product. Tin Pan produced a short video for the crowd funding site Kickstarter which was hugely successful in allowing the company to build audience awareness and gain valuable insight into their new product. 



Tin Pan Media has made films for a number of charities both in the UK and Internationally. For Hourglass we produced a film, and helped create new video assets for the relaunch of the charity under a different name. Besides creating one main film we also created a number of short social media clips.