Our Services

We offer a full range of creative video production services; from concept planning, storyboarding and research through to production, directing and editing.


Our objective is to bring your stories to life and we do this through our years of extensive experience across a range of sectors. We understand our customers needs and provide them with fresh and exciting content, which is adaptable, re-useable and can be applied across a range of digital platforms - maximising return on investment.

Live Show Recording

Corporate Videos

Tin Pan Media can produce innovative and compelling videos which show your company in the best possible light. We have years of experience making films for the largest blue chip companies to the smallest start-up trying to raise their first monies. We make films that will sit on your website or on social media and which contain a strong editorial narrative, powerful visual style and making sure the company's profile stands out. In addition, after editing this principle video, we also provide packages of short social media pieces so a mini campaign can be generated. 



We are one of the pioneering companies using interactive video for legal, financial and management consultant companies. We are able to build a new kind of video experience which allows companies to bring their stories to life and share their messages in a deeply immersive way.

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Social Media Content

Social media video content is becoming crucial for companies to both get their message across and also to encourage potential clients to engage with posts. We make sure your videos have eye catching headlines and convey the messages required. We keep up to date with industry trends and ensure the delivery of your content is aligned with your objectives and your target audience's preferences. These short videos are perfect to use across all social media platforms including Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.


Video Editing


The new normal is working from home for many people. But that doesn't mean that the quality of videos has to deteriorate. Tin Pan Media provides training on how to present from home, advice on presenting, scripting and also which equipment to use. A one-off session starts from just £275 (including the recording equipment).

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Monthly Video Services

Tin Pan Media offer a unique service, offering monthly video content. Each month we make a 90 second corporate video for your company, outlining a particular aspect of the firm, creating a specific campaign message or highlighting a prominent topic. In addition we also provide, three other short 30 second video content pieces - principally graphics, to illustrate other messages the company wishes to communicate. Finally, every three months we give your company a summary of the videos which your competitors are making and general trends so you know exactly how to position your message. This services starts from just £1,000 a month. The first month is half price, but then a minimum three-month contract is required.

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